After serving twelve very exciting years in the Royal Marine Commandos, I started my career as a sports and commercial photographer.

Twenty-two years later I am still living the dream. It has been a rollercoaster of a ride, but I have enjoyed every moment.

The amazing highs of nailing the award winning shot, to witnessing a sporting tragedy un-fold, it’s all part of the course. From Olympic games to horse racing across deserts, ballooning across the Alps, international polo, bull fighting in Spain and aerobatics over Table Mountain, the list goes on and on. Two days are never the same in this business and that’s why I still have a true passion for my work.

Life can be very predictable, but sport remains one of the true uncertainties, stimulating our emotions and creating genuine drama. Whether it’s an international final, or a game of footy in the park, our hearts race and our spirits run high.

Capturing those moments in time, the highs and lows, the victory and the pain, that’s what separates the good from the great photographers.

I have travelled the world shooting amazing sports events for high profile clients, top glossy magazines, national newspapers, and event organizers, each of whom requires wonderful images from their events to show the world.

I have gained an excellent reputation for being an exceptionally hard working, professional photographer, who ‘gets on with the job’, often turning images around in minutes to send to newspapers or clients around the globe.

I am now living between Southern Spain and England, and I am constantly travelling the world pursuing the most amazing images.

Living the dream and enjoying the journey.

Neil Egerton